Football and music are similar in many ways. They are United by emotions: with the same passion, we watch both the game of your favorite team and the performance of your favorite artist. Football and music are equally "give birth", indifferent there is no place both on the podium and in the dance floor.

In the middle of the zero Pendulum completely revised the canons of genres drum & bass. Following other preachers of broken rhythms, the Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers, they began to actively use hard guitar riffs in their tracks, combining electronic music with alternative rock and even heavy metal. As a result of these experiments, their third Studio album ‘Immersion’ was certified platinum in the UK, and Pendulum became one of the most sought-after and titled teams in the United Kingdom. However, a little later the project was put on pause: Rob Swire and Gareth Mcgrillen became interested in electro-house and were engaged in the Affairs of their side group Knife Party.

In the summer of 2018, a flurry of emotions will overwhelm not only the stadiums, but also the clubs of the city: from June 15 to July 15, Adrenaline Stadium, Izvestia Hall and Insomnia host fans and music lovers from around the world. The evening, which began with a football match, will continue on the dance floors. 30 unforgettable days, 10 incredible events, tens of thousands of participants ‘ ' Music. Football 2018 ' gives a new cultural dimension to the main sports festival of 2018. On June 22, the project is joined by the leaders of the world drum & bass movement, Pendulum. Expect to be surprised: this summer Rob Swire and promise To premiere a new Studio album… Pendulum returned only in 2016, a triumphant live on the main stage of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Today, the musicians are in excellent creative shape and are ready to tour actively. Confirmed and rumors about the upcoming new album, according to the latest data Rob Swire promises to release it this year. So the guests of "Izvestia Hall" have all chances to be at the premiere of new works by Pendulum.